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IOSH Working Safely is a one-day course offering all the basics in a high impact interactive package.

Version Five:  

  • Fantastic IOSH materials created exclusively for the course

  • A presentation that’s designed to be fun and get people fully involved and interested Assessment Delegates must pass 3 hazard identification tests involving different workplace scenarios in addition to a multiple choice test.


Course Duration

  • 1 day

  • Refreshments available, tea and coffee.

  • Delegates will have free parking


Module 1

Introducing Working Safely

  • Why is it important to work safely?

  • Quiz - the size of the problem


Module 2

Defining Hazard and Risk

  • What kind of things can cause you or others harm?

  • What is risk?

  • How can risks be controlled?

  • How do you decide what to do about risks?


Module 3

Identifying Common Hazards

  • Looking at workplace hazards

  • Finding the right control measures for our workplace hazards


Module 4

Improving Safety Performance

  • How does your organisation improve safety?

  • What are your responsibilities?

  • What are your organisation’s responsibilities?

  • How is safety measured?  


To Assist You In Applying For Your CSCS Labourer Card

Due to popular demand, an extra open course has been added to our calendar of events.


The key benefits from a staggered course is the balance between 'Home - Work - Self Development.'

Who is the course for?

To assist you in applying for your CSCS Labourer Card

IOSH Working Safely is for everyone who may be exposed to hazards during their working day. These may include physical hazards such as slips, trips and falls, exposure to chemicals or less immediate hazards such as noise, vibration and stress.

IOSH Working Safely Course will assist you in applying for your CSCS Labourer card.


The Essentials

Training for your workforce is all about personal responsibility. Once employers have provided safe ways of working, it is over to your workers to use them. Managers

and Directors don’t tend to get hurt at work - we need to train those that do...The focus of this engaging, interactive course is on developing skills to identify hazards and understand risk. Once we understand these principles, we can apply them to any workplace situation.

Assistance available for translation of course

For more information on our IOSH Managing Safely Course in and around Hampshire, call us on

02392 595 345

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